General Office  Main Duties

Be responsible for daily operation in SHBSG such as document and phone reception, meeting affairs, confidential work, file record, legal seal safekeeping and office automation. Draft annual key emphasis in work, task breakdown structure, important document, report and leader's important address. Organize important meetings and conferences; coordinate, supervise and handle important government affairs and work; organize investigation and research to significant issues on surveying and mapping and make proposals; propagandize surveying and mapping information and government information; be responsible for important reception and foreign liaison; be responsible for confidential work, letters and visits, safety and security and poverty alleviation aid; handle suggestions and proposals from NPC members and CPPCC members; be responsible for annual evaluation of each division and financial management.

Telephone No.: 029-87604009


Director: Luo Zhiyuan

Telephone No.: 87604007

Fundamental Surveying and Mapping Division  Main Duties

Draft provincial fundamental surveying and mapping management policy and regulatory framework; draft planning for provincial fundamental surveying and mapping and aerial photograph and make order plan  for annual audiovisual product; supervise and manage civil aerial mapping photograph and sensing; manage provincial fundamental surveying and mapping projects and special surveying and mapping engineering; organize and manage surveying, mapping and calibrating work defined in provincial administrative region; organize and coordinate cadastral surveying and mapping; organize and conduct national and provincial geography conditon monitoring; manage and supervise surveying and mapping production plan and schedule; manage surveying and mapping production technology, compile project design document on surveying and mapping, examine and approve project design document and handle technical problem during productive process; compile statistical statement of surveying and mapping production on provincial level and guide subsidiary units with statistical work; and be responsible for management of safety production to subsidiary units.

Telephone No.: 029-87604023


Director: Ma Wentao

Telephone No.: 87604021

Law and Industry Management Division  Main Duties

Draft local laws and regulations, regulatory framework and annual plan on surveying, mapping and geoinformation; draw up industry policy on surveying, mapping and geoinformation; propagandize legal publicity on surveying, mapping and geoinformation; undertake surveying and mapping qualification management and organize supervision and inspection work; guide law enforcement on surveying, mapping and geoinformation on a provincial level; investigate and treat provincial or major illegal cases on surveying, mapping and geoinformation; undertake related administrative review and response to suits about surveying, mapping and geoinformation; guide geographic information industry association with related work; organize annual check and evaluation to competent departments of surveying, mapping and geoinformation; and be responsible for comprehensive statistics provincial surveying, mapping and geoinformation industry.

Director: Zuo Yongjun

Telephone No.: 029-87604083

Deputy Director: Xie Feng

Telephone No.: 029-87604018

Planning and Finance Division  Main Duties

Compile development plan on provincial surveying, mapping and geoinformation and investigate, research and analyze business activities in SHBSG; make rules and regulations on financial management and conduct supervision; manage national and provincial financial fund, plan fund as a whole and supervise all kinds of fund use in SHBSG; plan departmental budget, check and verify capital duget and give official written reply to subsidiary units

Director: Yuan Xiaofeng

Telephone No.:  029-87604024

Deputy Director: Guo Zhenjun

Telephone No.:  029-87604058

Quality and Technology Supervision Division  Main Duties

Draft normative documents on surveying and mapping technical quality administration; supervise and manage surveying and mapping technology and achievement quality, organize quality supervision, examination and qualification authentication on surveying and mapping achievement, investigate major accident due to poor quality and bring forward on handling suggestion; manage quality inspection expert database on surveying and mapping achievement; supervise and manage employment with certificates for quality inspectors from qualified surveying and mapping units; manage measurement of surveying and mapping, supervise verification of surveying and mapping measuring instruments according to law, and organize examination and certificate issuance for personnel worked on surveying and mapping verification; supervise and manage surveying and mapping quality in SHBSG, check and accept national and provincial fundamental surveying and mapping projects and special surveying and mapping engineering and handle major technical problem and quality issues during acceptance; examine and approve relatively independent plane coordinate system; and guide assessment of surveying and mapping achievement.

Telephone No.: 029-87604086


Director: Xie Lurong

Telephone No.: 87604085

Science, Technology and International Cooperation Division  Main Duties

Draft provincial surveying and mapping technology development planning; be responsible for surveying, mapping and geoinformation standardization management; draft rules and regulations on surveying and mapping technology management and supervise its execution; be responsible for project approval, implement supervision for  surveying and mapping technology project and organize mid-stage assessment, acceptance and achievement evaluation for science and technology project; undertake management of  surveying and mapping technology achievement, organize  science and technology achievement reward report and declaration of technological invention, patents and intellectual property, and guide transformation and promotion of  surveying and mapping technology achievement; guide evaluation and election of award for scientific and technological advancement in surveying and mapping; guide and coordinate construction and operation of platforms of sci-tech innovation such as key laboratory and engineering technology research center; draft exchange program and agreement for foreign cooperation, organize and mange bilateral cooperation project; apply and manage non-immigrant landing paper such as business passport and exit-entry permit to and from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan; organize and manage reception work for foreign visiting group; undertake surveying and mapping technology achievement providing to foreign country, examine and verify foreign organization and individual with purpose of surveying and mapping in Shaanxi province. 

Telephone No.: 029-87604046


Director: Shi Xuemei

Telephone No.: 87604026

Geographic Information and Maps Division  Main Duties

Draft normative documents and policy to manage and apply surveying and mapping achievement; supervise surveying and mapping achievement management and distribution service in Shaanxi province, organize in-osculation and issuance of surveying and mapping achievement; organize and coordinate to promote resource co-construction and sharing of geographic information; examine and verify important geographic information data in provincial administrative region; be responsible for national map awareness education and unified supervision; supervise and manage confidential surveying and mapping achievement, protect and manage survey markers; draft annual plan of surveying and mapping achievement and map application and then supervise its execution, and guide transformation, application and development of surveying and mapping achievement; carry out surveying and mapping emergency security work; guide to manage surveying and mapping archival data; undertake offer and use of confidential surveying and mapping achievement, removal of permanency survey markers, examination and verification of map as well as instructional map in primary school. 

Telephone No.: 029-87604082


Director: Li Junfeng

Telephone No.: 029-87604081

Personnel Division  Main Duties

Be responsible for personnel management and organization establishment management for general divisions in SHBSG and subsidiary units; draft team construction plan for surveying and mapping talents and related policy, rules and regulations on leader personnel management; undertake selection, allocation, talent exchange, appointment, dismissal, rewards and punishment of managerial staff from the Leading Party Members' Group; be responsible for personnel, labor wages, labor insurance and welfare, social insurance and political examination of oversea visit for leaders; make assessment method for target-oriented responsibility system from subsidiary units, staff annual examination, civil servant annual examination and innovation ability examination of professionals from subsidiary units, and organize to conduct assessment work; undertake professional title reform, review assumption of duty with professional skill and manage professionals; organize and coordinate surveying and mapping vocational skill authentication and staff technical grade examination; be responsible for employee education and training; evaluate and commend advanced collective and advanced individual in surveying and mapping system; invite applications for jobs for SHBSG and subsidiary units; accept and arrange cadres transferred to civilian work; and manage personnel archives for SHBSG, agent public institutions and cadre of division level.

Telephone No.: 029-87604020


Director: Wang Xibei

Telephone No.: 029-87604019

Deputy Director: Li Jianli

Telephone No.: 029-87604087

Audit and Supervision Division  Main Duties

Supervise and check general divisions, subsidiary units, Party members and cadres and national government functionary to execute the Party's and national policy, laws, regulations and provision from the superior; guide subsidiary units to work with discipline inspection, monitoring and audit; assist the leading Party group to carry out construction of the Party conduct and of an honest and clean government; undertake daily office routines of discipline inspection group, handle impeach, accuse and complain from disciplinary object, supervising object and audit target and then place investigation and treatment; supervise financial budget, final accounting of revenue and expenditure, financial revenues, economic benefit and enforcement of business contract to subsidiary units; be responsible for economic responsibility audit and project audit to main leading cadres from subsidiary units.

Telephone No.: 029-87604028


Director: Jia Guangye

Telephone No.: 87604027

The SHBSG(SHASG) Party Committee Office  Main Duties

Organize all Party members in SHBSG to attend national major educational activity inside the Party; draft study plan for center group of leading Party group; guide subsidiary units to organize center group study and guide each branch of SHBSG to organize political learning; guide subsidiary units to construct party organization, guide to carry on term of office changing for party organization and held meeting of democratic life; appraise Party members through discussion, appraise and select the most outstanding Party member; be responsible for party organization development; visit and condole party members in financial difficulties and senior party members; guide party organization work for the emeritus and retired personnel; carry on party member educational work and manage routine work; collect and manage party membership dues; be responsible for annual statistical report; accept and transfer party organization relation; guide labor union to carry on each job; be responsible for the labor competition commission; undertake legal rights safeguarding and assisting work for labor union; guide women staff members to work; organize evaluation and election work in SHBSG; recommend, manage and service model workers; guide primary-level organization of the communist youth league with training and propaganda; construct SHBSG spiritual civilization and surveying and mapping culture; carry out traditional surveying and mapping education, professional ethics education and recreational and sports activities with industry characteristics; be responsible for internal propaganda in SHBSG; undertake ideology and politics work and seminar work; and be responsible for the united front, affairs concerning nationals living abroad and Taiwan-oriented affairs.

Telephone No.: 029-87604031


Director: Wei Liangliang

Telephone No.: 87604029

Sole Duty of Deputy Director from Party Committee: Wang Shiqiang

Telephone No.: 87604030

Secretary of Youth League Committee: Wei Liangliang

Telephone No.: 87604031

Retirement Service Division  Main Duties

Implement the emeritus and retired policy and regulations; guide subsidiary units to manage and serve retired workers and staff; be responsible for routine management work to retired workers and staff;  be responsible for letters and visits from  retired workers and staff and ideology and politics work; formulate and submit annual appropriation budget, equipment replenishment plan, manage and make good use of segment assets and expenditure; make basic information statistics of  retired workers and staff as well as annual report.

Director: Liu Hongfei

Telephone No.: 029-87604033

Deputy Director: Chen Bin

Telephone No.: 029-87604034

Institution Service Center,SHASG 

Telephone No.: 029-87604090


The Office of Shaanxi surveying,mapping and Geoinformation Society 

Telephone No.: 029-87604045


The Secretariat of Shaanxi Geographic Information Industry Association 

Telephone No.: 029-87893317