Shaanxi Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation, SHASG (Shaanxi Bureau of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation, SHBSG) conducts dual leadership of National Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation Bureau and Shaanxi Government, and to take the former as priority. The main responsibilities of Shaanxi Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation (SHASG) are as follows: 

I. Supervise and examine implementation and performance of surveying and mapping laws and regulations; draft local surveying and mapping laws, regulations and government regulations. Research and make policies of provincial surveying and mapping work; make medium and long term planning for surveying and mapping business development.

II. Plan provincial basic surveying and mapping and other important surveying and mapping projects; organize and coordinate implementation of basic surveying and mapping in provincial scale, local  surveying and mapping as well as other important surveying and mapping projects, and manage qualification of house property surveying and mapping units. Cooperate with other organization concerned and manage surveying, mapping and calibrating work defined in provincial administrative region.

III. Supervise and manage geoinformation access and application; organize and coordinate geoinformation security control. 

IV. Manage provincial surveying and mapping industry standardization; manage  provincial surveying and mapping industry measuring work in line accordance with authorization. 

V. Organize in-osculation, storage, information service, supervision and management of provincial surveying and mapping achievement. Be responsible for protection work of survey markers in Shaanxi province.

VI. Examine and verify maps and manage provincial map compilation; cooperate with related organization to manage map publication. 

VII. Be in charge of surveying and mapping qualification examination and duty registration for all surveying and mapping units in Shaanxi province according to the law. Guide and supervise quality management for all provincial surveying and mapping achievement.

VIII. Make surveying and mapping technological policy; tackle key problems and transform scientific and technological achievements for key surveying and mapping projects. Review technical position qualification majored in surveying and mapping; authenticate vocational skills for specific career in surveying and mapping industry; examine and evaluate technical grade for workers. Guide talent training in surveying and mapping major. 

IX. Manage system surveying and mapping operating expenses in SHASG and provincial basic surveying and mapping expenditure, and supervise use of special fund on surveying and mapping allocated from Shaanxi government and other related units.

X. Put under centralized management by specialized department to communicate with other units on surveying and mapping technology and economic cooperation. Examine and approve provincial surveying and mapping achievement for external supply according to relevant provision.

XI. Undertake other matters and tasks assigned by Shaanxi Government.