• Yang Hongshan

    Yang is responsible for overall work and in charge of leading Party group work for SHBSG, he is also responsible for personnel work. Yang Hongshan, male, the Han nationality, was born in May, 1967, in...

  • Ren Zhenyu

    Ren is responsible for industrial management, laws and regulations, law enforcement, party construction and assistance administration of personnel affairs. Ren Zhenyu, male, the Han nationality, was b...

  • Chen Xiangyang

    Chen Xiangyang, member of the Party group and Deputy Director GeneralChen is responsible for surveying and mapping production and technical quality control.Chen Xiangyang, male, the Han nationality, w...

  • Wang Zhanhong

    Wang Zhanhong, member of the Party group and Deputy Director GeneralWang is responsible for management and application of surveying, mapping and geoinformation achievement, technical and international...

  • Xiao Xuenian

    Xiao Xuenian, member of the Party group and Leader of Discipline Inspection groupXiao is responsible for discipline inspection, supervision, audit, mass and group work, retirement employee work as wel...

  • Lin Zan

    Lin Zan,Inspector

  • Wang Xibei

    Wang Xibei,Vice Inspector

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